Gopchangbokkeum, Stir-fried Beef Small Intestine, Stir-fried Pork Small Intestine, 辣炒牛肠, 辣炒猪肠, 辣炒牛腸, 辣炒豬腸, コプチャン炒め, 곱창볶음 Leave a comment

This spicy dish is made with cow’s or pig’s intestines stir-fried with chopped cabbage, onion, perilla leaves, and green onion. Rice cake, sundae (Blood Sausage), and glass noodles can be added according to one’s preference.

肠 将猪肠或牛肠和卷心菜、洋葱、苏子叶、葱等材料以及调味料一起翻炒即可,味道香辣鲜美,也可放入年糕、血肠、粉条等一起翻炒。



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