Hoemuchim, Spicy Raw Fish Salad, 凉拌生鱼片, 刺身の和え物, 회무침 Leave a comment

Thickly-shredded raw fish is mixed with various vegetables, such as cucumber and cabbage, and seasoned with gochujang with vinegar. Fish with white flesh and a milder fishy smell, such as butterfish, squid, and cuttlefish, are usually used in this dish.

凉拌生鱼片 将收拾干净的鱼切成粗丝,再放入同样切成丝的黄瓜、圆白菜等蔬菜,用酸辣酱搅拌均匀即可。材料主要使用鱼腥味较弱的鲳鱼、鱿鱼、小鱿鱼等白色肉质的鱼。

涼拌生魚片 將腥味少的魚肉切成厚絲,加入黃瓜、高麗菜等蔬菜,用酸辣醬拌著吃。

刺身の和え物 下ごしらえした魚を太めに切り、キュウリやキャベツなどの野菜と一緒に混ぜ、酢コチュジャンの薬味で和えて食べる。主にマナガツオやイカなど臭みの少ない白身魚を和えて食べる。

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