Albap, Fish Roe Rice, 鱼子饭, 魚子飯, 魚の卵ご飯, 알밥 Leave a comment

Warm rice topped with raw fish roe, thin slices of danmuji (yellow pickled radish), julienned cucumber and carrot, and chopped kimchi and served in a heated ttukbaegi (earthen pot) greased with sesame oil. The way the fish eggs pop when chewed makes this dish unique and fun to eat.

把飞鱼子放在热米饭上拌着吃。在烧热的砂锅内壁涂上香油,放入适量的米饭,再加入切碎的腌萝卜、胡萝卜、黄瓜、泡菜、飞鱼子等拌著吃,飞鱼子一粒一粒在嘴里爆开 , 很是奇妙。



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