Someorigukbap, Beef Head Meat and Rice Soup, 牛头肉汤饭, 牛頭肉湯飯, 牛の頭部肉クッパ, 소머리국밥 Leave a comment

For this dish, a cow’s head and leg bones are simmered for over 10 hours in an iron pot to make a soup. Next, the meat from the cow’s head and vegetables, including radish, outer cabbage leaves, and taro shoots, are simmered and seasoned with sauce. This dish is served with kkakdugi (cubed radish kimchi) or cabbage kimchi.




가마솥에 소머리뼈와 사골을 넣고 10시간 이상 국물을 우려낸 다음 다시 소머리고기와 무, 우거지, 토란대 등을 넣고 푹 고아 양념장을 넣어 깍두기나 배추김치를 곁들여 먹는다.

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