Ttarogukbap, Rice and Soup, 汤加饭, 湯加飯, タロクッパ, 따로국밥 Leave a comment

Ttarogukbap is a bowl of soup(guk) served with a separate(ttaro) bowl of rice(bap), rather than with the rice placed in the soup. The soup is made by boiling beef slices with clotted cow’s blood and seasonings for about 12 hours.


因為湯和飯分開上桌,所以叫做「湯加飯」。熬煮 12 個小時以上的牛骨湯裡,放入牛肉與各種食材,以及調味料熬煮,這樣做出來的湯非常美味。


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