Maesaengi-gul-kal-guksu, Noodle Soup with Seaweed Fulvescens and Oyster, 海藻牡蛎刀切面, 海藻牡蠣刀切面, カプサアオノリとカキのカルグクス, 매생이굴칼국수 Leave a comment

This knife-cut noodle dish is made by boiling noodles in broth and adding oyster and maesaengi when the noodles are almost cooked. Harvested mainly in winter, maesaengi has a fresh sea smell and soft texture.


將刀切麵放入高湯中煮開,快熟的時候放入牡蠣,最後放入海藻即可。 海藻是冬季盛產的海產品,富有海味,口感柔和。


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