Dorumuk-jjigae , Spicy Sailfin Sandfish Stew, 银鱼锅, 銀魚鍋, ハタハタのチゲ, 도루묵찌개 Leave a comment

This spicy dish is prepared by boiling sailfin sandfish, which tastes less fishy than most other fish, with sliced radish, onion, green pepper, and enokitake mushroom. The eggs of the sailfin sandfish release a unique flavor when they pop in the mouth.

银鱼几乎没有鱼腥味,加入萝卜、洋 葱、大葱、金针菇等材料,熬成鲜辣爽口的银 鱼锅。尤其在咀嚼时银鱼的鱼卵在嘴里噼里 啪啦的炸开,味道十分特别。



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