Gangdoenjang, Seasoned Soybean Paste, 调味大酱, 調味大醬, カンテンジャン, 강된장 Leave a comment

This is a thick sauce made with finely chopped beef, anchovies, minced garlic, green onion, green chili, sesame oil, and doenjang, all mixed with a small amount of rice water. Gangdoenjang is a summer delicacy served with ssam (wraps) and bibimbap.

将剁碎的牛肉或鳀鱼、蒜茸、葱、 青椒、香油、大酱放入砂锅中搅拌,再倒入少 许淘米水慢慢熬煮,直至变得稍微浓稠,用来 包饭和拌饭,是夏天的一道经典美味。



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