Chamkkomak-jjim, Steamed Cockles, 蒸血蚶, 蒸血蚶, ハイガイの蒸し物, 참꼬막찜 Leave a comment

This dish is prepared by placing cleaned and parboiled cockles in a bowl with the top shells removed and drizzling them with a sauce. Among the various kinds of cockles, true cockle is considered to be the best due to its chewy texture and savory taste.


血蚶有土腥味,需要放到沸水中稍微焯一下,去掉一側的殼,然後整齊地擺放到碗中,搭配調味醬一同食用。 蚶分為血蚶、毛蚶、魁蚶等三種,其中以血蚶為佳。肉質富有彈性,且剝食的過程也趣味盎然。


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