Daege-jjim , Steamed Snow Crab, 蒸雪蟹, 蒸雪蟹, ズワイガニの蒸し物, 대게찜 Leave a comment

This dish is steamed crab meat removed from the shell and served with a vinegar sauce. When steaming snow crabs, turn the crabs upside down and be careful not to let the legs detach from the body. This helps keep the meat tasting as fresh as possible.

将雪蟹擦干控水后放入蒸锅里蒸熟, 剔出蟹肉蘸酸辣酱吃。雪蟹要蟹肚朝上放入 蒸笼中,蟹腿不能掉下拉,这样蒸出来的蟹肉 味道才会更加新鲜。



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