Daehap-gui, Grilled Hard Clams, 烤文蛤, 烤文蛤, ハマグリ焼き, 대합구이 Leave a comment

Chopped hard clams, beef, bean curd, and shiitake mushroom mixed with seasonings and cooked on hard clam shells on a grill or roasted in a pan. This delicacy used to be served at the royal court and on special occasions.

文蛤肉、牛肉、豆腐、香菇等材料剁碎调味后,塞入文蛤壳里,放在平底锅里或烤架上烤熟 即可。烤文蛤是一道高级菜肴,曾是宫廷菜和喜宴菜。



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