Gajami Gui, Grilled Plaice, 烤鲽鱼, 烤鰈魚, カジャミグイ, カレイ焼き, Lenguado a la parrilla, 가자미구이 Leave a comment

Plaice is a flatfish that lives on the ocean floor. Its soft flesh is chewy and has a fresh taste. Salt-Grilled Plaice is delicious with or without seasoning brushed over it.

鲽鱼身体扁平,栖息在浅海的海底, 肉质细嫩洁白,味道鲜美肥腴。将收拾好的鲽 鱼用盐腌一下,然后直接煎烤或抹上调味上 煎烤即可。



Lenguado con sal y asado a la parrilla, generalmente cubierto con salsa de soja picante.

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