Gosari Namul, Seasoned Bracken, Bracken Salad, 凉拌蕨菜, コサリナムル, ワラビのナムル, 고사리나물 Leave a comment

Here, dried bracken is first soaked in water and boiled to make it tender. After being chilled to remove its sour taste, the bracken is squeezed to remove any excess water and tough parts and seasoned with soy sauce, green pepper, and garlic.

干蕨菜用水泡发后,烧沸水煮至软 化,在原汤中放凉,待去掉涩味后捞出来控干 水分,切掉坚硬的部分,加入酱油、葱蒜等调 料翻炒至熟。



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