Hwanggi-dak-baeksuk, Whole Chicken Soup with Milk Vetch Roots, 黄芪清炖鸡, 黃芪清燉雞, 黄耆入り鶏肉の水炊き, 황기닭백숙 Leave a comment

Milk vetch roots grow in mountainous regions and are often used as an alternative to ginseng. This dish, chicken boiled with milk vetch roots in water without any seasoning, is popular in Korea for those looking for an energy boost.

黄芪生长于山地,根部可作为替 代人参的药材。将整只鸡和黄芪一起放入清 水中熬煮,不加任何调料,是代表性的滋补食 品。



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