Hwanggi-jokbal, Braised Pigs’ Feet with Milk Vetch Root , 黄芪酱猪蹄, 黃芪醬豬蹄, 黄耆豚足, 황기족발 Leave a comment

This dish features pigs’ feet boiled with milk vetch root and braised with a sauce. The hot-natured milk vetch root and cold-natured pork make an excellent match, and salted shrimp is said to aid in the digestion of pork.

将猪腿和黄芪一起放入水中熬 煮,再加入调味料炖烧即可。黄芪性温,猪肉 性凉,两者十分搭配,吃的时候蘸一些虾酱可 以助消化。



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