Jogae-gui, Grilled Clams, 烤贝壳, 烤貝殼, 貝焼き, 조개구이 Leave a comment

For this dish, clams are soaked in salt water to purge the sand from them and carefully cleaned before being grilled and served with a vinegar-based gochujang. These large clams are harvested from a clean beach and are very tasty.

各种贝壳用盐水浸泡使之吐净泥沙, 然后将清洗干净的贝壳放在火上烤熟,取出 里面的贝壳肉蘸酸辣酱吃。在海水清澈、沙 子干净的海岸生长的大贝壳味道最为鲜美。



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