Nurungji-dak-baeksuk, Whole Chicken Soup with Scorched Rice , 锅巴清炖鸡, 鍋巴清燉雞, おこげ入り鶏肉の水炊き, 누룽지닭백숙 Leave a comment

This dish features a whole chicken boiled in water with ginseng and jujubes with soaked glutinous rice on the bottom of the pot (which becomes scorched by the heat). Soaked in chicken soup, the scorched rice becomes incredibly chewy and delicious—it tastes even better than porridge made with glutinous rice.

将浸泡过的糯米铺在大锅里,上面 放上做参鸡汤用的鸡以及人参、红枣等材料一起 熬煮即可。鸡汤的醇浓味道渗入锅巴里,吃起来 又香又有嚼头,味道比用糯米熬的粥更加鲜美。



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