Ori-baeksuk, Whole Duck Soup, 清炖鸭, 清燉鴨, 鴨肉の水炊き, 오리백숙 Leave a comment

This dish is a high-energy food made with a whole duck boiled with milk vetch root, chestnuts, ginseng, and jujubes. The stock can also be used to make a delicious porridge by boiling glutinous rice with chopped carrot and onion.

将收拾干净的鸭子和清水一起倒入 锅中,加入黄芪、栗子、人参、大枣等一起熬 煮而成的滋补食品。还可以用高汤和糯米、胡 萝卜、洋葱等材料一起熬成粥,味道十分鲜美 清香。



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