Sogogi-pyeonchae, Sliced Beef with Vegetables, 肉片菜丝, 肉片菜絲, 牛ロースの薄切り, 소고기편채 Leave a comment

Sliced beef coated with sweet rice powder and pan-fried until crisp. Shredded vegetables are wrapped in the beef and dipped in a soy-mustard sauce. Called deungshimpyeonchae (beef sirloin and vegetables) or anshimpyeonchae (beef tenderloin and vegetables) according to the cut of beef used.

牛肉切成薄片裹上糯米粉后烤熟,再把生的蔬菜放在肉片上卷起来沾芥末汁 吃。根据牛肉的部位又称为里脊肉片菜丝和背脊肉片菜丝。



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