Buchu Jeon, Garlic Chive Pancake, Chive Pancake, 韭菜煎饼, 韭菜煎餅, プチュジョン, にらのチヂミ, 부추전 Leave a comment

To prepare this dish, chive, julienned carrot, and green pepper are mixed with flour and pan-fried in a flat, round, pancake-like shape. The pancake is then served with a vinegar-based soy sauce. Chive is known as a vegetable that cleanses and warms the body.

面粉加水调成糊状,加入韭菜和切 成丝的胡萝卜、青椒等搅拌均匀后,倒入平底 锅中煎成圆饼状,蘸醋酱油吃即可。韭菜具有 清血、暖身的效果。



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