Bugak, Vegetable and Seaweed Chips, 干炸片, 乾炸片, 海藻・野菜のパリパリ揚げ, 부각 Leave a comment

This refers to a variety of deep-fried vegetables coated with glutinous rice paste and dried for preservation. A food that is prepared for winter, bugak can be made with many different vegetables, including green pepper, seaweed, perilla leaves, fatsia shoots, kelp, and burdock leaves, among others.

在植物性食材上涂抹糯米浆糊后晾干,等到需要时再拿出来油炸的一种食物。种类有很多种,尖椒、海苔、紫苏叶、楤木芽、土豆、海带 片、牛蒡叶等,主要是储存起来以备冬季食用。



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