Gajuk-jangajji, Pickled Red Toon Shoot, 椿芽酱菜, 椿芽醬菜, チャンチンの若芽の漬物, 가죽장아찌 Leave a comment

Gajuk (young leaves of Chinese mahogany) parboiled in lightly salted water, dried, and layered alternately with a mixture of soy sauce, syrup, gochujang (red chili paste), and red chili powder in an earthen pot for fermentation. Gajuk is a vegetable with a distinctive fragrance that used to be eaten by Buddhist monks who lived in the mountains.


初春采些香椿用鹽水稍微焯一下,然後曬乾。 將曬乾的香椿跟醬油、糖稀、辣椒醬、辣椒粉一起層層放入缸裡醃製。 這樣做出來的香椿醬菜帶有一種特別的清香,是山裡僧人們愛吃的美食。


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