Myeongtae Sikhae, Spicy Fermented Pollack, Salted and Fermented Pollack, 发酵明太鱼, 發酵明太魚, ミョンテシッケ, 発酵スケトウダラ, 명태식해 Leave a comment

Half-dried fresh pollack mixed and fermented with cooked millet or glutinous rice and red chili powder. Sikhae refers to a food made by mixing seafood with salt, cooked grains, red chili powder, and radish for fermentation purposes. This variation is a local delicacy of Gangwon and Hamgyeong provinces.

发酵明太鱼酱(食醢)是将鱼贝类和盐、米饭、辣椒粉、萝卜等一起搅拌后发酵而成。 晒干的明太鱼,加上小米饭或糯米饭、盐、辣椒粉等材料一起放入坛子里进行发酵即可,是江原道和咸镜道地区的地方特色美食。



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