Jjamppong, 짬뽕
Kong-guksu, Noodles in Cold Soybean Soup, Noodles in Chilled White Bean Soup, 豆汁面, 豆汁麵, 豆乳素麺, 콩국수

Kal-guksu, Noodle Soup, 刀切面, 刀切麵, カルグクス, 칼국수

Fresh knife-cut noodles, made by rolling flour dough and slicing into thin noodles, cooked in anchovy sauce. Zucchini, potatoes, and seafood may beadded. 将面和好擀成面皮后用刀切成细条,放到清汤中煮熟即可。面汤一般使用鳀鱼高汤,煮面时可按喜好加入西葫芦、土豆、海鲜等。 擀上麵粉和麵切成長條後,放入雞肉、鳀魚等高湯煮出。料理時,也會放入櫛瓜、馬鈴薯以及各種海鮮。 小麦粉をこねて薄くのばし細切りにした麺を、煮干しでじっくりだしを取ったスープに入れ、エホバク、じゃがいもなどを加えて煮た料理。 Ingredients (serve 4)1 lb

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